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We believe we have been given a great opportunity to help students discover who they really are in God’s eyes and what great potential they have in Christ.  Our services, programs, special events, camps and conferences are designed to connect students with the Living God and with each other.

Youth Services

Every Sunday evening at 6pm we give high school and middle school students the opportunity to experience and express their faith in community through solid Biblical teaching, authentic worship and fun activities.

Destination Unknown

Throughout the summer months, Cross Current Youth travel together after Youth Service to homes of some of the families of First Assembly to spend time talking, eating, and other activities (such as swimming or video games) just getting to know one another.  

STL: A Mission to Empower Missions

STL (Speed the Light) is a youth-led missions effort that equips US and World Missionaries with vehicles, sound and visual equipment, and many other tools to communicate the message of Christ’s love anywhere from inner-city America to the most remote parts of the earth.  STL affords students an opportunity to develop an appreciation and sense of responsibility through personal sacrifice of time and resources.


Special Events

Each month CrossCurrent youth take part in high energy events or trips that are meant to help students bond with each other in lasting  friendships, experience being part of a larger faith community, and just plain having fun together!  

Youth take part in two weeks (one week for middle school students, and one for high school) of annual camp experiences with other students in a regional dormitory-camp setting.  It is a week of intense spiritual growth mixed with off the charts fun!  For many, summer youth camp is a time that makes an indelible impression on their lives.  In addition to these life-changing two weeks, we also take part in spring and fall weekend conferences that are marked by vibrant worship, awesome messages of hope, and meeting friends that last a lifetime.


Pep Squad
The youth gather to support our own teen athletes within Cross Current youth. We are going out on these dates to support the following.
More Schedules coming soon.


 Parkersburg First Assembly 139 Hill Ave (304)495-0121
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